The research team includes researchers of two research groups from Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena (Spain), Telematics Engineering  research Group (GIT) and  Microelectronic Design and Devices research Group (DDM). In addition, the Head of the Urban Innovation Center from the city Local Government (UIC, Cartagena, Spain) is also a member of the team.

With extensive research experience in telecommunication networks, protocols, applications, and services, the scientific production of the Telematics Engineering Group in the last 5 years is summarized in: +60 JCR publications, +100 international conferences, 10 doctoral theses, + 5 patents, and +10 research projects, among others. The Microelectronic Design and Devices research Group has generated in the last 5 years +50 publications in journals, +80 conferences, and 5 doctoral theses involved in various funded research projects, among others. The contribution experience in mobility (traffic management) by UIC completes all aspects to successfully tackle this project.


  • Maria-Dolores Cano, PhD (UPCT, GIT), Principal Investigator
  • Gines Domenech-Asensi, PhD (UPCT, DDM)
  • Joan Garcia-Haro, PhD (UPCT, GIT)
  • Antonio Garcia-Sanchez, PhD (UPCT, GIT)
  • Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, PhD (UPCT, GIT)
  • Javier Garrigos-Guerrer, , PhD (UPCT, DDM)
  • Jose Luis Moreno-Cegarra, PhD (UIC, Cartagena)